C - D

Glossary: C - D


This value is what gives TCP integrity. A mathematical calculation is made where the output is remembered. When the receiving device performs the mathematical calculation, the data must be corrupt if the output is different from what was sent.


Clearnet refers to the indexed web that is generally publicaly accessible to individuals. This excludes the darknet and deep web (even though the deep web is publicly accessible) and is often considered the opposite of the darknet.


Disinformation, in privacy and security work, is the intentional provision of inaccurate information.


Distributed Denial of Service. In a DDoS attack, service is made unavailable by flooding the target with requests, overloading the target so legitimate requests can't get through.


DNS (Domain Name System) provides a method to communicate with devices on the internet without remembering their complex IP address. FOr example, instead of remembering, we use names like privsec.org to connect to the server our privsec.org website is on.


Doxing or doxxing. The act of publicly revealing private personal information about an individual or group, such as full name, address, phone number, place of work, etc. Typically found by utilising OSINT techniques.