How To Access from the U.S.

U.S. regulations made revoke access for U.S. based users in 2019. An alternative,, was launched for U.S. users, but does not offer many coins and tokens compared to, severely limiting crypto-trading ability.

1. Don't make an account yet!

If you try to make an account from the U.S., you will get locked out and will have to make a new one with a different email.

2. VPN

You can utilize a VPN to hide your IP address and convince the Binance website that you are located elsewhere besides the United States. The VPN server you connect to will route your traffic from its location to websites you visit.

  1. VPN Criteria Checklist:
    • Kill Switch
    • Servers in countries without Binance restrictions (I use Japan)

I use and highly recommend ProtonVPN for security and privacy reasons as well as service and stability reasons. There are other great VPN services out there, but the only one I don't recommend is NordVPN, as they have had quite a few data breaches over the years. If you aren't concerned with data privacy and security, NordVPN does have a good platform.

What is a Kill Switch?

A kill switch will disconnect you from the internet if the VPN cannot connect. This is necessary to prevent Binance from seeing your true U.S. IP address in the event that your VPN loses connection. If Binance sees your true IP, you could lose access to your account and any funds.

3. Create A Account

Activate your VPN and kill switch. Double check that your IP address location points outside the United States, and go to the website. You can use my referral link below to get a lifetime trading fee reduction of 10%. Full disclosure, yes, I get a kickback if you use my link, so no pressure.

Click this referral link to signup and get 10% discount on fees (Full disclosure, I get a kickback as well).

4. Deposit Crypto In Your Binance Account

Do not try to fund your account with a credit card based in the United States. Instead, do the following:

  1. Buy crypto from a U.S. based purchasing company
  2. Transfer crypto from your U.S. based wallet to your Binance wallet

The following are easy websites to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to transfer to your Binance trading accoint: